Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wow...who knew???

I think the most common comment made to me when I told people that I was moving to Omaha was, "Really? Omaha? (insert negative attitude here)."  So, honestly, I had only spent about 5 mins in the city when I came to interview, so I was beginning to doubt my big move.  I got into town around 7pm on Friday so, I couldn't really see much of the city as I came in.  What I did notice was the line of cars at the exit for a massive Indian Casino, so I made a mental note to make sure to bring Mandy here so we could relive Atlantic City 09.  Saturday morning I ventured out to find my new townhouse I found online with my fingers crossed that I didn't screw up and pick a shitty part of town.  Lo and behold!  I picked a place between a golf course and a high end outdoor shopping mall!!!  I checked out the new place and it's great, but the greatest part came next when I stopped at the "gas station" across the street.  As I walked in the door I was greeted by fancy beer mugs, deicer, a HUGE beer cooler with automatic sliding doors, and a selection of wine and liquor.  Now of course, there was the usual stuff like candy and corn nuts, but who cares.  I joyfully snapped a few pics and ventured into the lovely beer cave.  In this cave I found an exceptional variety of beers and even champagnes!  As I was reveling in the magnificence of my favorite beverages I look over to my left.....FILET MIGNON.  No lie...they had Omaha steaks sitting next to my beloved Miller lite.  Need I say more??
Those of you who may not know, I live for filet mignon, and I've often had trouble finding a good filet in the towns I've lived in.  For instance, in Berryville, AR, you literally had to kill your own cow to get filets. No lie.  So this is a life altering moment.   Yay for the great state of NE!!
Last but not least, they sell alcohol on Sundays. So, next Sunday when I'm all moved in, I will be walking across the street to my new favorite gas station to pick up some Miller Lite and a filet, just because I can.