Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pink Slime...get your learn on people....

Ok, I've been following the pink slime debacle, otherwise known as lean fine textured beef, and those of you on FB know I get passionate about it.  It's not even the LFTB in general, but it's everyone's willingness to attack and industry without doing their research.  It's also everyone's idea that the food industry is evil and profit seeking and doesn't care about the people they feed.  I just don't understand??  Maybe that's because I'm an insider, but those of you who know me can attest that I'm not evil, I don't want anyone, including myself, my friends, or family, to ever eat something that will hurt them.  However, since when did we as Americans with a hint of education believe that anything, much less a food product, can EVER be 100% safe?  And, if it is safe as it can be, are we really going to get pissed because we don't like the way it was produced?

Let me tell you this people, and I'm no genius, but I know my shit.....The food industry can make safe products, but unless you are willing to have additives, like ammonia (which is perfectly safe and also occurs in meat naturally) or irradiation, you are running in circles.  People constantly cry out for safe affordable food, and industry complies.  Then, some British dude gets on tv and does an inaccurate demonstration and people go off their rockers....let me educate you about LFTB that I would happily munch on as have YOU for the past years....

LFTB is produced by taking the trimmings that people on the production line have cut off and set aside.  It's then put into a centrifuge ( a machine that spins it around and around) and heated so that the fat separates from the REAL BEEF MEAT.  The fat is spun out and you are left with just the beef protein.  Afterwards, to ensure food safety, it is treated with ammonia gas, which is a USDA approved food additive that kills bacteria.  I just wish people would google ground beef production and understand without interventions like ammonia gas or irradiation (that the public cries out against since they don't understand how safe and effective it is) it's almost impossible to ensure safe meat.  There is no way to keep fecal contamination from the hides from finding it's way onto the carcass.  I mean really, anyone who has ever seen a cow's ass knows how messy they are. 

So, if you want completely natural products without safe interventions like ammonia or irradiation, have at it.  But I personally don't want to hear you bitch when you get E. Coli.  Let the scientists and experts do their best to protect you.  Yes, they want to make money, but who doesn't??  Who starts a business with the hopes of pissing consumers off, making no money, or running it like a charity?  Industry tries to make a safe and wholesome product for as cheap as possible, why? So you can afford it and yes, so they can make a buck.  Do you think Apple is in business to make you happy for free?  To feed your electronic addiction for nothing because they are nice?  Just sayin.....

PS-Food additives and industry ingenuity has been feeding you and keeping you alive for years, and nothing is 100% safe.....ever.  Not even your water supply.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Yobb.

Well its the end of week 2 and I seem to have made it through!  I've been very happy with how they set up the new hire program here and I've never felt lost or too dumb, or dumber than usual...The campus here is amazing with 5 buildings all connected underground, 2 gyms, 2 cafeterias, a lake (full of REALLY loud geese under my window), and a walking trail.  I got a sweet office spot for the moment, I've been warned that people move around a lot, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  I keep discovering neat places in the different buildings like the Collaboration Station pictured below, so every day is an adventure. 

I've recently started a novel practice....eating breakfast AND lunch.  Those of you who know I prefer to skip both meals, especially lunch for a crossword, know that this is WAY out of character.  It only took me 29 yrs to realize that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day...
So this hallway on the left looks short right?  Well they all make el's and it's like a huge labyrinth so you end up walking a mile to get, what? 40 yrds?  But hey, I get a lil more excersize that I did before.  I can't forget the company store...it's a fat kids discount dream!!  All my favorite products from Snak Pak, Peter Pan, and Slim Jim are offered at a steal of a deal, so I'm pretty sure I going to get fat.  Oh well, as it stands, I don't know anyone here yet anyway, so they won't know that I used to be a supermodel. The one downfall might just be that I can't wear boots and jeans most every day.  I've finally had to suck it up and buy big girl office clothes.... oh how I miss my jeans!!! 

Sometime soon, like next Saturday, I will get my furniture and then be able to focus on my next big adventure here....Friend making! 

Oh, I plan on sparing no expense or energy for this endeavor.  I plan to be Miss Omaha 2013 by the time I'm done.  I'm thinking gratuitous groveling, paying for all the drinks and food, wild slip and slides, jello wrestling.... Haha, just teasing, but, I do need to get on the friends think ASAP.  I definitely miss all my friends back in SC and GA......  


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wow...who knew???

I think the most common comment made to me when I told people that I was moving to Omaha was, "Really? Omaha? (insert negative attitude here)."  So, honestly, I had only spent about 5 mins in the city when I came to interview, so I was beginning to doubt my big move.  I got into town around 7pm on Friday so, I couldn't really see much of the city as I came in.  What I did notice was the line of cars at the exit for a massive Indian Casino, so I made a mental note to make sure to bring Mandy here so we could relive Atlantic City 09.  Saturday morning I ventured out to find my new townhouse I found online with my fingers crossed that I didn't screw up and pick a shitty part of town.  Lo and behold!  I picked a place between a golf course and a high end outdoor shopping mall!!!  I checked out the new place and it's great, but the greatest part came next when I stopped at the "gas station" across the street.  As I walked in the door I was greeted by fancy beer mugs, deicer, a HUGE beer cooler with automatic sliding doors, and a selection of wine and liquor.  Now of course, there was the usual stuff like candy and corn nuts, but who cares.  I joyfully snapped a few pics and ventured into the lovely beer cave.  In this cave I found an exceptional variety of beers and even champagnes!  As I was reveling in the magnificence of my favorite beverages I look over to my left.....FILET MIGNON.  No lie...they had Omaha steaks sitting next to my beloved Miller lite.  Need I say more??
Those of you who may not know, I live for filet mignon, and I've often had trouble finding a good filet in the towns I've lived in.  For instance, in Berryville, AR, you literally had to kill your own cow to get filets. No lie.  So this is a life altering moment.   Yay for the great state of NE!!
Last but not least, they sell alcohol on Sundays. So, next Sunday when I'm all moved in, I will be walking across the street to my new favorite gas station to pick up some Miller Lite and a filet, just because I can.