Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Yobb.

Well its the end of week 2 and I seem to have made it through!  I've been very happy with how they set up the new hire program here and I've never felt lost or too dumb, or dumber than usual...The campus here is amazing with 5 buildings all connected underground, 2 gyms, 2 cafeterias, a lake (full of REALLY loud geese under my window), and a walking trail.  I got a sweet office spot for the moment, I've been warned that people move around a lot, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  I keep discovering neat places in the different buildings like the Collaboration Station pictured below, so every day is an adventure. 

I've recently started a novel practice....eating breakfast AND lunch.  Those of you who know I prefer to skip both meals, especially lunch for a crossword, know that this is WAY out of character.  It only took me 29 yrs to realize that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day...
So this hallway on the left looks short right?  Well they all make el's and it's like a huge labyrinth so you end up walking a mile to get, what? 40 yrds?  But hey, I get a lil more excersize that I did before.  I can't forget the company's a fat kids discount dream!!  All my favorite products from Snak Pak, Peter Pan, and Slim Jim are offered at a steal of a deal, so I'm pretty sure I going to get fat.  Oh well, as it stands, I don't know anyone here yet anyway, so they won't know that I used to be a supermodel. The one downfall might just be that I can't wear boots and jeans most every day.  I've finally had to suck it up and buy big girl office clothes.... oh how I miss my jeans!!! 

Sometime soon, like next Saturday, I will get my furniture and then be able to focus on my next big adventure here....Friend making! 

Oh, I plan on sparing no expense or energy for this endeavor.  I plan to be Miss Omaha 2013 by the time I'm done.  I'm thinking gratuitous groveling, paying for all the drinks and food, wild slip and slides, jello wrestling.... Haha, just teasing, but, I do need to get on the friends think ASAP.  I definitely miss all my friends back in SC and GA......  


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